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Order your winter plugs now!

It's that time of year again! Winter plug plants are available to order now for dispatch at the end of August. Single colours coming soon. Our winter plug plants are delivered straight to your door via a 24 hour courier service. 


Why Babyplants?

We concentrate on the quality of plants, as well as sturdy packaging, and excellent customer service, to create a fantastic buying experience for anyone looking to purchase their plants online this year.

To find out more about what makes babyplants special, click here.

Fuchsia plugs:
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Babyplants - Plug Plants for Sale in the UK Online

Plug Plants and Mini-plugs for Sale Online from the UK

Babyplants - Fuchsias, Geraniums, Petunias and more.Here at babyplants.co.uk, we have a huge range of plug plants for you to buy online, from our garden centre in the UK.  With over 200 varieties of jumbo plugs, and a large selection of mini plug plants available.

For more information on how we care for your plants during delivery, check out our Plants Delivery Page.

All of our plug plants are grown, packed, and shipped from within the UK, and are not left in packaging for any more than 24 hours.  This keeps them fresh, ensuring they arrive to your home in perfect condition.

To find out more about our garden centre in Leicestershire, see our about us page.

Chives Plug Plant
Coriander Plug Plant
Oregano Plug Plant
Rosemary Plug Plant
Sage Plug Plant
Tarragon French Plug Plant
Thyme Compact Plug Plant

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